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Brave Browser Wallet

You can now store your 1FLR on the privacy focused Brave Browser Wallet.
Step 1: Download Brave Browser. It’s a free, safe, and crypto-focused browser built by one of Mozilla Firefox’s original founders.
Step 2: Open Brave Browser and click on “settings”
Step 3: Click Wallet
Step 4: Enter Password or Create New Wallet
Creating a new wallet takes only a minute – make sure to keep your seed phrase safe!
Step 5: Navigate To ChainList and search for Polygon Mainnet. Then “Connect Wallet”
Step 6: Wait 1 Minute, Then Go Back To Your Brave Wallet
You’ll now see “Polygon Mainnet” in the drop down.
Step 7: Send your 1FLR To Your Brave Wallet Address
You’ll be able to find your address on the right hand side of the screen. You can now send 1FLR directly to this address. Always do a test transaction first!
Get started now with Brave Browser Wallet