💯Use 1FLR *

Use 1FLR For Access And Discounts

You can use your 1FLR to:

  • Get power-up items in games

  • Get access to the higher-paying "Flare Tier" leaderboard during our Weekly Competitions

  • Get discounts on NFTs if paying with 1FLR

  • Get discounts on Referral Purchases if paying with 1FLR

  • Get discounts on Subscriptions if paying with 1FLR

  • Stake your 1FLR for up to 27.5% Staking Bonus

  • Participate in Airdrops - check your eligibility here.

You'll get up to 20% off your purchase if you use 1FLR as your payment method.

This extra discount is in addition to existing supporter discounts, so you will get an extra great deal if you are a PipeFlare supporter. If you are a supporter, you can get up to 30% off your purchases.

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