Onyx Pearls (Coming Soon)

Onyx Pearls are a chic tradable token designed to unlock the most luxurious items and experiences within PipeFlare. Top-Tier Pyro's Mystery Eggs are only a few pearls away...

What Are Onyx Pearls?

Think of Onyx Pearls as the key to PipeFlare's elite item's club, granting you access to upscale items like virtual land and ultra-rare eggs that are otherwise hard to come by. These tokens have an air of prestige in the PipeFlare world - they're scarce, desired, and quite the status symbol. You can buy, sell, or trade Onyx Pearls with other users on the PipeFlare NFT Marketplace or OpenSea.

Getting Pearls

  1. Master Counter Attack: To keep things intriguing and reward our most dedicated players, Onyx Pearls can only be won by playing Counter Attack. Bring your top skills, as you'll need to outperform the enemy to secure these rare tokens. Remember, you need to be a Level 7 user to play.

  2. Browse the PipeFlare Marketplace or OpenSea: Alternatively, exercise your trading prowess and acquire Onyx Pearls from other users on the PipeFlare NFT Marketplace or OpenSea. Keep a close watch on the market, as these tokens are in high demand.

Selling Pearls

Onyx Pearls present an appealing opportunity for traders and collectors. Their rarity and high demand make them an interesting investment for those looking to diversify their cryptocurrency portfolio or expand their PipeFlare holdings. You can sell your Pearls on the NFT Marketplace, or on OpenSea.

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