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Become A Supporter

PipeFlare Memberships unlock tons of rewards. These rewards include awesome perks like Exclusive Airdrops, Faucet Auto-Pump, Early Access to New Launches, Ad-Free Experiences and so much more.
PipeFlare is a launching point for independent game developers around the world. Memberships are a great way to support our mission and get access to extra PipeFlare Supporter rewards.

Choosing A Subscription

We currently have three tiers of supporters: Casual Tier, Hardcore Tier, and Professional Tier. Each tier has different perks and rewards. Check out the complete list of Supporter Rewards and choose which membership option is right for you on our Supporter Page.

Types Of Subscriptions

You can purchase a monthly or a yearly subscription. Yearly subscriptions are up to 25% cheaper than monthly. Subscriptions start at as little as $1.50 a MONTH! Next - Using PipeFareAmbassador Program

Types Of Perks

We've highlighted some of the top perks below, but this is not an extensive list. To see all rewards, you should head over to the Supporter Page.
Leaderboard Entry: Supporters will access the highest rank game leaderboard, the “Supporter Leaderboard.” This leaderboard will have the least competition and the highest prizes (10x rewards).
Faucet Multipliers: Supporters will get up to 2.5x Multiplier on their daily faucet rewards.
Faucet Auto-Pump: With Auto-Pump, you will automatically claim all tokens on PipeFlare, every day. This way, you’ll never miss a day and get all of your daily reward bonuses.
Exclusive Airdrops: You’ll be automatically enrolled in our monthly airdrops. Every supporter will get free ZEC Tokens at the end of the month.
Early Access: Professional Supporters will be the first to access new PipeFlare launches, such as new games, NFT collections and more.
Referral Bonuses: Professional Supporters will get extra referral commissions. Professional Supporters will get 4x the referral commissions of non-supporters, up to 100% of a user’s claim.
No Ads On Mobile: PipeFlare Supporters have no ads in our mobile games or mobile PipeFlare app.
A portion of your subscription will be donated toward an “independent developer” pool, which will be distributed to all our game developers.