Pyro's Mystery Eggs

Collect Pyro Mystery Egg NFTs and redeem them for extraordinary prizes like Flare Tokens, Referrals and so much more.

What Are Pyro's Mystery Eggs?

Pyro's Mystery Eggs, PipeFlare's newest NFT series, is a set of 8 collectible NFTs that can be redeemed for prizes. These prizes include (but are not limited to): NFTs, 1FLR Tokens, Referrals, Pyro's, Thieves, and Land (coming soon).

How Can I Earn Mystery Eggs?

Mystery Eggs will be dropped throughout PipeFlare games. The more you play, the better your chances of winning a Mystery Egg are. Collect them all – who knows what you might hatch. Play Now.

What Prizes Will I Earn?

Pyro's Mystery Eggs are, well, mysterious! This means that we can't reveal which prizes each egg will unlock, but we can let you know that you'll want to collect as many as possible. Each Egg has its own rarity and will hatch its own unique set of rewards. The higher the rarity of the Mystery Egg, the higher the prize. Mystery Eggs are hatched in limited amounts – get hunting today before they’re all gone!

Pyro Mystery Egg Rarity Chart

Pyro Mystery Egg Rarity Chart