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PipeFlare's NFT Marketplace gives you access to a ton of cool NFTs.
PipeFlare NFTs give you added perks in the PipeFlare ecosystem. With them, you can earn even more rewards.
Current PipeFlare NFTs
  • Faucet Multipliers: 5x Faucet Multiplier, 2x Faucet Multiplier, and 1.5x Faucet Multiplier
  • Staking Multipliers: 2x Staking Rewards, and 1.5x Staking Rewards
  • Leaderboard Multipliers: 5x Leaderboard Rewards, 2x Leaderboard Rewards, 1.5x Leaderboard Rewards
  • Airdrop Multiplier: 2x Airdrop Rewards
  • Airdrop Eligibility: Eligible For All Airdrops for 60 Days
  • In-Games Power-Ups: Increase Max Hearts In Games, Increases Token Drop Rate In Games, and Reduces Game Heart Cool-Down
  • Referrals Pack: 10 Random Referrals - Rare Pack, and 10 Random Referrals - Epic Pack.
  • Memberships: 1 Year Casual Membership, 1 Year Hardcore Membership, and 1 Year Professional Membership
  • Pyro NFTs: 10,000 Limited Edition NFTs that unlock VIP Features
  • Battle Pass: Access to 4 Exclusive Gaming Competitions with a $45,000 Prize Pool
  • Rock Paper Scissors: 10 Round Pass, 20 Round Pass, 50 Round Pass to Play PipeFlare's newest game
  • Pyro's Vault: 500 1FLR Daily for 365 Days
  • Pyro's Hatch Factory: 1 Mystery Egg Daily for 365 Days
  • Base-Set Card Pack: 5 Random Power-Ups
There are PipeFlare NFTs that you can´t purchase, and they are awarded to you. These NFTs are Ambassador NFTs, Certified 1FLR Millionaire, Certified 1FLR 10-Millionaire, Supporter Of The Month, and 100 Referrals In CoinFlo.