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PipeFlare's NFT Marketplace gives you access to a ton of cool NFTs.

PipeFlare NFTs give you added perks in the PipeFlare ecosystem. With them, you can earn even more rewards.

Current PipeFlare NFTs

  • Faucet Multipliers: 5x Faucet Multiplier, 2x Faucet Multiplier, and 1.5x Faucet Multiplier

  • Staking Multipliers: 2x Staking Rewards, and 1.5x Staking Rewards

  • Leaderboard Multipliers: 5x Leaderboard Rewards, 2x Leaderboard Rewards, 1.5x Leaderboard Rewards

  • Airdrop Multiplier: 2x Airdrop Rewards

  • Airdrop Eligibility: Eligible For All Airdrops for 60 Days

  • In-Games Power-Ups: Increase Max Hearts In Games, Increases Token Drop Rate In Games, and Reduces Game Heart Cool-Down

  • Referrals Pack: 10 Random Referrals - Rare Pack, and 10 Random Referrals - Epic Pack.

  • Memberships: 1 Year Casual Membership, 1 Year Hardcore Membership, and 1 Year Professional Membership

  • Base-Set Card Pack: 4 Random PipeFlare NFTs

  • Rock Paper Scissors: 10 Round Pass, 20 Round Pass, 50 Round Pass to Play PipeFlare's newest game

  • Pyro's Vault: 500 1FLR Daily for 365 Days

  • Pyro's Mini Vault: 500 1FLR every week for 52 weeks

  • Pyro's Hatch Factory: 1 Mystery Egg Daily for 365 Days

  • Pyro's Mini Hatch Factory: 1 Mystery Egg every week for 1 Year

  • Pyro's Loot Box: 20 random Pyro Mystery Eggs

  • Pyro NFTs: 10,000 Limited Edition NFTs that unlock VIP Features. You can purchase them in OpenSea.

There are PipeFlare NFTs that you canยดt purchase, and they are awarded to you. These NFTs are Ambassador NFTs, Certified 1FLR Millionaire, Certified 1FLR 10-Millionaire, Supporter Of The Month, and 100 Referrals In CoinFlo. Also, there are some limited-time NFTs that are divided into pieces. Collecting these pieces activates a powerful tool in certain games.

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