💎Pyro's Gems

Pyro's exclusive gems are a special currency that will offer you even more ways to earn, play, and compete. Gems will also help you speed up your player progression.

PipeFlare Supporters get up to 5 free monthly Gems based on their supporter tier.

Using Your Gems

As a user, you will be able to use Pyro's Gems for:

  1. Extended Gameplay: Enjoy extended playtime on your favorite PipeFlare games by using gems to increase your time limit.

  2. Special Loot Boxes: Unlock premium loot boxes with a chance to obtain rare and valuable in-game rewards.

  3. Unique Skins: Personalize your gaming experience by purchasing exclusive skins for your in-game characters and items.

  4. Pyro's Mining Rush Upgrades: You'll be able to use gems to upgrade your items in Pyro's Mining Rush and speed up your player progression.

Getting More Gems

  1. PipeFlare's NFT Marketplace: You can purchase Pyro's Gems on our NFT Marketplace in packs of 5, 20, or 100. You'll get a big discount when you purchase our larger packages.

  2. PipeFlare Games: We will reward our dedicated gamers with Pyro's Gems. You can win these exclusive gems by playing and competing in PipeFlare's blockchain-based games, specifically in Level 5 games or higher. Keep playing for your chance to win!

  3. Own a Pyro NFT: Pyro holders will be airdropped gems - times and amounts will vary based how the Pyro level you own. You can get your hands on a Pyro on OpenSea.

  4. Become A Supporter: Supporters will get free gems every month as part of their subscription. Casual supporters will get 1 gem per month, Hardcore will get 2 gems, and Pro will get 3 gems. Learn about our support packages here.

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