🎓How To Earn 1FLR Tokens

PipeFlare gives away more than $20,000 USD monthly.

There are several ways to earn more tokens. Here are a couple of our favorites.

Use The Faucet

You can claim 1FLR for free, every 36 hours, using the PipeFlare Crypto Faucet. Just create an account, head over to your Daily Rewards page, and scroll down to the FLR section.

Play Games

Anybody can earn Flare Tokens while playing games in the PipeFlare arcades. We currently have six games that give token rewards, and those include Rock Paper Scissors, BeatBox, FlareJump, StackBreaker, Space Shooter, and FlareHit. Check out all our games on our games page.


You can earn more Flare Tokens by participating in our free Airdrops. You can see which airdrops you're eligible for here.


Staking is one of our most popular features. It’s a great way to earn up to 47% Staking Bonus on your 1FLR Tokens. To get started, head over to our Staking Page, or read this section for more details.

Generate Referral Rewards

You'll earn rewards whenever your referrals interact with PipeFlare. You'll earn a commission whenever your referrals claim, win in games, make an NFT purchase, make a membership purchase, stake 1FLR, and more. You can see all the details and commission rates on the PipeFlare Referral Dashboard.

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