How To Connect Your Web 3.0 NFTs
In order to see and take advantage of your PipeFlare NFTs purchased on OpenSea or gained from giveaways, such as from CoinMarketCap, youโ€™ll need to be able to see them on your profile at PipeFlare.io.
Step 1: Add NFT to Metamask. Please make sure that your NFT is stored in MetaMask. To download MetaMask, please go to their download page here.
Step 2: Ensure you have installed the Polygon Network. Most of the NFTs are hosted on the Polygon Network, so please add the Polygon Network to your MetaMask. Itโ€™s easy and only takes a few minutes.
Step 3: Connect your MetaMask wallet to your PipeFlare Profile. Head over to the Daily Rewards page and scroll down to the โ€œConnect MetaMaskโ€ button.
Step 4: Refresh the Page. Refresh the page and check your โ€œMy Power-Upsโ€ Section. Your NFT should appear here. If you have further questions, please join our Discord Server and post in the โ€œSupportโ€ chat. EASY HOW TO VIDEO: HERE!!
******EASY HOW TO VIDEO: HERE!!******
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