๐Ÿš€1FLR Background

The team is VERY excited to announce our partnership with 1FLR, an NFT and Gaming Token. Contract details available here.

1FLR will be a force multiplier for the PipeFlare Ecosystem and will be integrated into our games, our faucet, our NFT Marketplace, our subscriptions, and our store.

1FLR Basics

1FLR was launched on Polygon (MATIC) with a supply of 4 Billion Tokens. The entire supply was minted and added to the 1FLR MATIC Pool. Anybody can sell/purchase 1FLR into the pool or become a liquidity provider. Since the entire supply was minted upfront, there is no minting schedule.

How To Buy 1FLR

You can purchase 1FLR on QuickSwap, PancakeSwap, or Spooky Swap. For more detailed instructions, please see this section. You can also use the above exchanges to sell your 1FLR.

How To Withdraw 1FLR

If youโ€™re looking to withdraw your 1FLR, you can visit the withdrawal page. Search for the "Withdrawable Amount" for an exact count of 1FLR you can withdraw. For security, we have withdrawal limits based on your user tier.

You'll need to be a supporter, or reach Player Level 3 to withdraw your 1FLR, or any other token.

How To Deposit 1FLR

If you're purchased 1FLR on exchange and want to deposit it in your PipeFlare account, it's really simple.

First, connect your MetaMask to your PipeFlare account. Do this by heading to the Daily Rewards page, clicking "1FLR" and then hitting "connect MetaMask."

Second, head over to the deposit page. Follow the instructions on this page, and ensure that you are sending Polygon Tokens to the proper address. You cannot use BNB or Fantoom Tokens.

For more detailed instructions, click here.

Once your deposit is complete, it will show up in the "Deposit History" section. Now you'll be able to use or stake your 1FLR

Contract Specifics

Click here to see the 1FLR contract address, holders, transfers, etcโ€ฆ

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