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2022 Roadmap

PipeFlare has a lot scheduled in 2022 centered around gaming, faucets, and 1FLR. Read below for an outline of our plans and check back for updates. This is a "live" document and is subject to changes.


  • Web 3.0 Integrations
    • We're transitioning our NFT Marketplace to Web 3.0. This means you'll be able to store your NFTs in a MetaMask/Browser Wallet and still collect rewards on PipeFlare. This also means you'll be able to sell your NFTs on OpenSea or any other Polygon-compatible marketplace.
  • Launch Pyro 10,000 Limited Edition NFTS
    • This Limited Edition NFT set will give users exclusive access to a 4th Mystery Faucet, NFT Holder Airdrops, Staking Bonuses, Licensing Rights, in-game perks, and much more!
  • PipeFlare NFT Bundles
    • We're introducing a really exciting new feature called "Incentivized Bundles." Bundles are groups of NFTs, that give you added bonuses. These bundles can be purchased at a discounted rate. For example, our "Gaming Bundle" consists of five NFTs: A Yearly Hardcore Membership, 1 Battle Pass, 1 Token Drop Rate Boost, 1 Reduce Heart Cooldown, and 1.5x Leaderboard NFT. If you purchase these NFTs in the bundle, you'll save 15%! We will have several bundles like these available on-site.
  • NFT Staking
    • We're working on an NFT Staking Feature which will allow NFT holders from other Polygon projects to "Stake" their NFT on PipeFlare. In return for staking their NFT on our platform, they will earn daily interest in the form of 1FLR Tokens.
  • NFT Mixing Studio
    • This is a really exciting feature we are hoping to launch around Q3. This feature will allow PipeFlare users to "mix" multiple NFTs to get a free NFT. For example, you could combine a 1.5x Faucet Multiplier and a 2x Faucet Multiplier, and you'll get a free 3rd Faucet Multiplier.
  • Incorporate in-game items into the NFT Marketplace
    • Here we are looking to further bridge the gap between games and NFTs. Instead of buying items inside of a game, you'll be able to buy them in the NFT marketplace, and then they will automatically be added to your game. You'll also be able to "build up" a spaceship inside of the game, and sell it on the marketplace.
  • PipeFlare "Scholarship" Program**
    • Users will be able to borrow another player’s NFT in order to use them in the games. Then both users will share the winnings. This will be helpful for some of the higher-priced NFTs like "Weekly Leaderboard Rewards Multipliers".
    **We are aiming to implement this by 2024
  • Holiday NFTs
    • PipeFlare will introduce limited edition NFTs for the holidays and anniversaries, like the 1FLR Anniversary NFT.

1FLR Ecosystem Development

  • Burning Mechanisms
    • We are looking into on-site burning mechanisms. For example "20% Of Sales of new NFTs will be used to buy, and burn, 1FLR". View the specifics here.
  • Improve Access
    • Facilitate 1FLR Centralized Exchange Integrations
    • Create 1FLR Cross-chain Bridging
      • Binance Smart Chain / Fantoom / Ethereum
  • Increase On-Site Use Cases
    • Introduce a new membership type with awesome rewards that requires purchase with 1FLR Tokens
    • Improve In-Game upgrades, which can only be purchased with 1FLR
    • Create high-end games which require 1FLR to play
  • Create weekly leaderboards with great prizes that require entry using 1FLR
  • Magic Boxes
    • Users will be able to buy a “mystery box” filled with random items from the site. This includes NFTs, Memberships, In-Game Items, etc… boxes must be purchased with 1FLR Tokens
  • PipeFlare Gaming SDK
    • Many global game developers are looking for easy ways to turn their games into NFT compatible and Play-To-Earn.
    • Our SDK will allow game studios to integrate some code, and easily transform their game into one that has 1FLR available as a reward. Game developers will each have their own blockchain contracts, and will need to refill the 1FLR as their tokens run out.
    • This SDK will also allow game developers to issue NFTs on our marketplace and sell them within their game.
  • Community Engagement
    • PipeFlare's community will be able to vote on the name of upcoming games, new characters, and new NFTs.
    • PipeFlare users will determine new features like in-game items and features.
    • PipeFlare will host AMA's via Discord and Twitter Spaces to answer community questions and provide roadmap updates.
    • Users will be quizzed via Discord for a chance to win prizes like free NFTs.
  • Increase Awareness
    • PipeFlare will be featured on various NFT/Crypto/Gaming podcasts to spread the word about all of the things PipeFlare has to offer.

Game Development

  • Increase Number Of Games
    • Our goal is to increase our arcade to 30 games by Q2 2022. This will be a mix of independent developers and in-house games.
  • Increase Quality Of Games
    • We're onboarding new game developers to update/improve the current games on our arcade. We're making it a mission to consistently upgrade all games at least twice a year - which means adding new levels / bosses / upgrades.
  • New Game Types
    • We're actively exploring new game types to make competitions more interesting. Not everybody can compete in our weekly competitions because they don't have hours to play every day.
      • Battle Pass 2022 - This new competition has a much larger prize pool and only requires 30 minutes a month of game play. You have 15 minutes to play - unlimited hearts, and the top 10 players split the prize.