2023 Roadmap

PipeFlare will narrow our focus in 2023 and increase Pyro integrations, grow our game library, and improve staking. This is a "live" document and is subject to change.

Community Voting

We polled our community in 2022 to discover the most important areas of focus for the new year. The results of the poll are visible in the image below. Our 2023 Roadmap is guided by these results.


  • Introduce New NFTs From New Assets
    • NFTs purchased with 2FLR Tokens
    • NFTs purchased with ONYX Pearls
    • NFTs purchased with Pyro's Gems
  • NFT Staking
    • We're working on an NFT Staking Feature which will allow NFT holders from other Polygon projects to "Stake" their NFT on PipeFlare. In return for staking their NFT on our platform, they will earn daily interest in the form of 1FLR Tokens.
  • Bandit Launch
    • Create a comprehensive plan to introduce Bandits into the PipeFlare ecosystem. Bandits are NFTs that can "steal" rewards from other players. Bandits can be obtained by hatching Pyro eggs. Bandits can be introduced in games, staking, airdrops, and much more.
  • Incorporate in-game items into the NFT Marketplace
    • Here we are looking to further bridge the gap between games and NFTs. Instead of buying items inside of a game, you'll be able to buy them in the NFT marketplace, and then they will automatically be added to your game. You'll also be able to "build up" a spaceship inside of the game, and sell it on the marketplace.
  • PipeFlare "Scholarship" Program**
    • Users will be able to borrow another player’s NFT in order to use them in the games. Then both users will share the winnings. This will be helpful for some of the higher-priced NFTs like "Weekly Leaderboard Rewards Multipliers".
    **We are aiming to implement this by 2024

Increase Pyro Integrations

  • Games
    • Create Pyro Perks Inside Games
    • Create Pyro-Only Games
    • Create Pyro Perks For Land Owners
  • General Website
    • Create More General Pyro Perks For PipeFlare Users


  • Introduce Auto-Staking features. This feature, if turned on, will automatically re-stake your balance when your staking period ends

Land Ownership

  • Planning
    • Create and publish a solid 3-stage land development execution plan, incorporating feedback from the community.
  • Execution
    • Execute Stage 1 of the Land Development plan.

1FLR Ecosystem Development

  • Improve Access
    • Facilitate 1FLR Centralized Exchange Integrations
  • Increase On-Site Use Cases
    • Introduce a new membership type with awesome rewards that requires purchase with 1FLR Tokens
  • PipeFlare Gaming SDK
    • Many global game developers are looking for easy ways to turn their games into NFT compatible and Play-To-Earn.
    • Our SDK will allow game studios to integrate some code, and easily transform their game into one that has 1FLR available as a reward. Game developers will each have their own blockchain contracts, and will need to refill the 1FLR as their tokens run out.
    • This SDK will also allow game developers to issue NFTs on our marketplace and sell them within their game.
  • Increase Awareness
    • PipeFlare will be featured on various NFT/Crypto/Gaming podcasts to spread the word about all of the things PipeFlare has to offer.

Game Development

  • Increase Number Of Games
    • Our goal is to increase our arcade to 25 games by Q2 2023. This will be a mix of independent developers and in-house games.
  • Introduce "Lifetime Leaderboards"
    • These leaderboards will be a running scorecard across each game. This leaderboard doesn't reset and will be a running tally. Top players on the lifetime leaderboards will recieve extra gaming rewards.
  • Introduce 10 Player Tiers with increasing rewards as a player moves up the tiers.
    • Introduce Game Timers
    • Introduce Pyro's Gems
    • Introduce Pyro's Crystals
    • Introduce Onyx Pearls